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Your child can thrive. Evidence-based, life-changing care helps children, teens, young adults and families reach their full promise and potential. Our evidence-based approach ensures that the experts on your team leverage their unique insights and experience to support and advocate for your child.

  • You’ll have an ongoing relationship with a team of trusted professionals.

  • You’ll learn techniques you can use to work through problems at home.

  • You’ll learn ways to change behavior patterns for the better.

How We Help

Evidence-based, life-changing care for young children through young adults. Most services available both in-person and via telehealth.

    • Individual Psychotherapy

      1-on-1 sessions in a safe and supportive environment to develop coping strategies and improve overall social, emotional and behavioral well-being.

    • Family Psychotherapy

      Multiple family members address challenges, communication styles and conflicts, aiming to create a healthier and stronger home environment.

    • Psychiatric Consultation

      Client-centered and developmentally appropriate approach to diagnose, conceptualize, and build a comprehensive treatment plan to address mental health and behavioral concerns.

    • Medication Management

      Collaborate with parents and allied providers to recommend and monitor safe, effective, and appropriate medication strategies to help with functional improvement.

    • Teen Therapy

      Teens build skills to help them cope with their unique stressors and challenges to achieve greater well-being and life satisfaction. Learn More

    • Young Adult Therapy

      Evidence based, individually tailored interventions to meet the goals and developmental needs of young adults, 18-25 years old. Learn More

    • Parent Coaching / Support

      A collaborative approach to the parenting journey helps parents develop the best tools and practices for their children’s unique needs.

    • DBT Skills Groups 

      Learn and practice dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills for enhanced emotion regulation, relationships, problem solving and communication.

      Learn More

    • RISE IOP

      9-week comprehensive DBT Intensive Outpatient Program for teens (ages 13-18) to reduce suicidality and self-harming behaviors and develop a life worth living.

      Learn More

    • Speech and Language Therapy

      Overcome challenges in language and overall communication including receptive and/or expressive language, articulation, and social/pragmatic language and social skills.

    • Occupational Therapy

      Address delays in fine and gross motor skills, handwriting, self-regulation and/or sensory processing.

    • Early Support for Autism (ESPA)

      Clinical care coordination and parent education at no cost to families of individuals with suspected or diagnosed autism.

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We had lost all hope. We didn’t understand what was going on and blamed ourselves for our daughter’s defiance. CHC literally came to our rescue and it was like the clouds parted. For the first time in a long time, we could see the light.
— CHC Parent