Why Give to CHC?

Top-rated education and mental health services for over 65 years

If you know a child who has struggled in school or a teen or young adult who has faced anxiety, you know these issues can be significant life challenges. For over 65 years, CHC has been a place in the community where families come to share their concerns and find support.

Beginning in 1953, Dr. Esther B. Clark founded Children’s Health Council to care for underserved children with disabilities. Since then, CHC’s education and mental health services have impacted the lives of close to a million children and families.

Not only do we help families understand their child’s mental health concerns and learning styles but we also provide education options and therapy services to help children, teens and young adults reach their full promise and potential. Your donations to CHC help remove barriers to life changing support for kids and families.

To learn more about our programs, our partners and to see who supports us, please take a look at our annual report and our impact report, Stories of Hope and CHC Changemakers.