Tips for Traveling with a Child with Autism

child-carOne big concern with many children with autism is safety. Not just for themselves but for others around them as well. As a parent of a child with autism, your home more often becomes your fortress. And carefree trips to the zoo or the park? They’re not going to happen — not without major planning and precautions, anyhow. But the biggest issue is getting from Point A to Point B.

So how do you keep you keep yourself and yours child safe in the car? There are a few basic steps that can done to ensure the driver is not distracted or the child tries to escape while the car is in motion.

These four tips are offered by Scott Kouri, a parent of a child with autism and the owner and president of eSpecial Needs:

  • Always transport a child with autism in the back seat of the car on the passenger side with the Child Lock on. Children with autism are unpredictable and will try and get out of a car even if it is moving
  • Remove any objects in the back seat in of the proximity of the child which could be eaten, broken or thrown
  • Never leave a child with autism alone in a car
  • Always ensure the car is locked when in the driveway and the keys are in a safe place
    If the child will not leave their seat belt on there are devices available which make it difficult to undo the seat belt.

See the Special Needs blog for more articles and tips for parents of children on the autism spectrum.

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