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Setting Students With ADHD Up for Success

Teachers often come to the classroom with an unclear understanding of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and they are rarely provided with strategies that detail how to work with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Nina Parrish, a special education teacher and tutor who coaches struggling students, many of who have ADHD, shares classroom strategies she has found to be effective. Read more ›

How (and Why) to Help Your ADHD Child Embrace Their Strengths

If your child has a diagnosis of ADHD, you may worry about how to guide them to become successful adults. Helping your child embrace their strengths now is key to boosting positive outcomes for the future. Read more ›

6 Strengths and Benefits of ADHD

People diagnosed with ADHD may have difficulty focusing on tasks, an inability to control their impulses, and have hyperactive tendencies. However, there are numerous strengths and benefits that also come with the condition. Read more ›

I’m an Adult—How Do I Get Diagnosed With ADHD?

If you think you might have ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) as an adult, here’s what you can do. Read more ›

Adult ADHD: Tips and Tools to Improve Your Memory

If you have ADHD, you may struggle to stay focused during conversations. Retaining information given auditorily is difficult for everyone, but especially difficult for someone with ADHD.

To help adults with ADHD pay attention and retain information from conversations or oral instructions, here are some strategies and resources. Read more ›

ADHD in Adults is Challenging But Highly Treatable

When I was a child in the 1980s, the people I knew with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder were hyperactive boys who went to the school nurse at lunchtime to get their medicine. Many people assumed that these boys would “grow out of” their symptoms as teenagers or adults. Read more ›

What is Executive Dysfunction?

Executive dysfunction is a behavioral symptom that disrupts a person’s ability to manage their own thoughts, emotions and actions. It’s most common with certain mental health conditions, especially addictions, behavioral disorders, brain development disorders and mood disorders. Read more ›

The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain

From ADHD and dyslexia to autism, the number of diagnosis categories listed by the American Psychiatric Association has tripled in the last fifty years. With so many people affected, it is time to revisit our perceptions of people with disabilities. Read more ›

ADHD Treatment for Kids

ADHD is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder among U.S. children and adolescents, leading to differences in attention, impulsivity, energy and behavior. All of this can be disruptive to a child’s school and learning experience as well as their social-emotional wellbeing. Read more ›

Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work for ADHD?

The challenges of living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) aren’t just limited to kids. The condition often lasts into adulthood, where working professionals and sometimes parents have to contend with symptoms that make it difficult to stay organized, focus, and reign in impulsive behavior. Read more ›

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