Cindy Dang

One-On-One Behaviorist

Cindy has a great passion for working with children, promoting education and creating a positive impact in the community. She believes that every child, regardless of their background and circumstances, should have the ability to thrive and reach their full potential in their environment. Outside of work, Cindy enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, exploring new coffee and boba shops and revisiting TV series.

Cindy is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science with minors in Digital Information Systems and Social Ecology. Throughout her academic journey, she actively engaged in community service, tutoring students from low-income households and contributing to research in child development and education. Cindy hopes to further her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work, where she strives to make a greater impact on the lives of children and their communities.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychological Science, University of California, Irvine


  • Vietnamese