You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective on the Working Mom

November 12, 2019

Join us for a candid discussion with Sheila B. Jordan, author of You Are NOT Ruining Your Kids!  

Sheila is a successful corporate leader with many accomplishments to her name. She is the senior vice president and chief information officer at Symantec, a globally renowned cyber security company. She lends her talents to sustain several vital aspects of the company, with a main goal to increase productivity and deliver increased value to Symantec customers/partners through the use of technology and systems. She has previously worked with well-known companies such as Cisco Systems and the Walt Disney Company. Sheila has received many awards and accolades over the years such as the CIO of the Year award for innovation and transformation from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Sheila raised two children, now in their 20s, who have excelled in academics as well as sports. She has also been an influence in the lives of her husband's two grown children. She is very proud of each child in her blended family. She was not the perfect working mom, but she now knows she didn't ruin her kids! With her unique insights, she works proactively to empower working mothers like herself.

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Palo Alto, CA 94304

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