Facebook Rolls Out Suicide-Prevention Tools Globally


June 20, 2016, News

Facebook is rolling out worldwide tools aimed at preventing suicide, expanding its reach beyond the United States. Working with mental health groups such as Forefront, Lifeline and SAVE.org, Facebook started working on suicide prevention about a decade ago after a string of teen suicides in Palo Alto.

Since then, as Facebook has grown to 1.6 billion users worldwide, social media is playing a larger role in how people — especially teens — share their thoughts and lives with others. At the same time, social media sites such as Facebook are grappling with the technology’s negative sides, including cyberbullying. 

Facebook, which says the information is confidential, sends resources to the person who might be in trouble, asking them if there’s a way the company can help. Talking to a friend, contacting a hotline, getting tips and support, or skipping the notice are among the options available in the drop-down menu. If you or someone you know is in physical danger, it’s important to call law enforcement, the company said.

Read the full article on the San Jose Mercury News website.

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