Esther B. Clark Schools

Who We Serve

We believe in the promise and potential of every student.

Our Students

Esther B. Clark School is designed to meet the educational needs of students with existing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) with one of the following primary eligibilities:

  • Autism
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Other Health Impaired
  • Specific Learning Disability

While each of our students brings a unique set of experiences, strengths, and attributes to the table, all have experienced challenges in previous school settings that have ultimately prevented them from deriving educational benefit in those settings.

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Challenges Our Students May Face

Frequently presented challenges of our student population include, but are not limited to:

Frustrated Student line drawing

Anxiety, depression or other mood dysregulation

Angry Student Outburst line drawing

Struggles with self-management, disruptivity and/or impulse control in the classroom or on the playground

Self Reflection Student line drawing

Acute awareness of discrepancies between self and peers, leading to poor self-image

School refusal line drawing

School refusal and/or escape-maintained behavior during the school day

Poor working memory line drawing

Poor working memory and/or slow processing speed

Executive functioning struggles line drawing

Executive functioning struggles (task initiation, work completion, time management)

Socially isolated line drawing

Difficulty forming and maintaining healthy friendships; socially isolated

Frequent social conflicts line drawing

Rigid or inflexible thinking; frequent social conflicts

Inaccurate perspective-taking line drawing

Inaccurate perspective-taking or interpretation of situations

Sensory issues line drawing

Sensory issues or sensitivities

Low frustration tolerance line drawing

Low frustration tolerance, ending in fight, flight or freeze behavior

Aggressive line drawing

Instances of behavioral escalation to the point of aggression and/or destruction of property

Mental health challenges line drawing

Significant and ongoing mental health challenges, including self-harming behavior

How We Help

At EBC, we can help. With the expertise of EBC’s program and staff, children with social-emotional challenges re-engage in learning and develop positive skills to transition back to a mainstream school environment.

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As a nonpublic school, Esther B. Clark School partners with school districts from all over the Bay Area and beyond to deliver specialized services to meet the educational needs of individual students. The enrollment process is performed via referral from the student’s home school district. To inquire about a potential referral or for more information about our program, please contact:

Enrollment Process for Esther B. Clark Schools Starts at the District Level

  1. If you are interested in placement at EBC, please talk to your home district.
  2. District-based IEP team agrees to seek placement at a nonpublic school.
  3. Student’s home district sends a referral to EBC.
  4. Initial conversation between EBC and caregiver(s) to exchange information and explore a potential placement.
  5. Student and caregiver(s) tour EBC campus, participate in an interview with the EBC leadership team and receive further information about the EBC program.
  6. If all parties are in agreement on the appropriateness of the setting, the student’s district is notified of the student’s official acceptance to EBC.
  7. The district amends the student’s IEP to reflect the addition of specialized services delivered in the nonpublic school setting.
  8. A start date is determined and transportation is arranged.
Simple Journey to Enrollment at EBC

Because of your staff and your school, our son now has a second chance at an education and of creating a happy, healthy life for himself.

―EBC Parent