Community Engagement

CHC’s Collaborative Groups

Working together to serve our community.


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Learning Specialists Collaborative

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School Counselors Collaborative

The School Counselors Collaborative convenes quarterly and maintains resources.

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Leadership Collaborative

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Leadership Collaborative Organizations

School Heads Collaborative

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School Heads Collaborative Organizations

Here is a sampling of the organizations involved in the School Heads Collaborative:

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Resource Library

Resource Library

Anxiety & Depression Teen and Parent Connection Illustration

Anxiety and depression frequently occur together and can develop at any age. In this guide, learn about anxiety & depression and how it can manifest in young children to young adults. Ask question, get answers and download tools and tips to help support your family and strengthen our community. You are not alone.


ADHD Students Engaged in Learning Discussion Illustration

Understanding both strengths and challenges is essential in the journey of individuals with ADHD. Check out the ADHD Guide, our curated guide to growing, learning and thriving with ADHD — at home, in school and in life. Ask questions, get answers, and learn tools, tips and takeaways.


Motivated Learning Differences Student Multimodal Learning Illustration

Check out the Learning Differences Guide for great info on understanding learning differences and how they influence school – and life — for children, youth and adults. Get expert tips, ask questions, get answers, and access tools, tips and takeaways for supporting children and students with greater success both now and throughout their future.