In Honor of Rosalie Whitlock, Former CEO of CHC

In Honor of Rosalie Whitlock, Former CEO of CHC

In August of 2022, Dr. Rosalie Whitlock completed her exceptional 13-year tenure as CHC’s CEO. The organization flourished under her leadership, leaving a legacy that will have a lasting impact on so many families, clinicians, and allied providers and organizations across the Bay Area. In a heartfelt tribute, CHC former board chairs who have worked closely with Rosalie have expressed their gratitude for her years of dedication and commitment.

Rosalie led CHC through a transformative era of re-evaluation, innovation and growth, expanding the agency’s ability to serve the evolving needs of the Peninsula community. Congratulations, Rosalie, on your successful leadership, and thank you for all that you have done to set CHC on a wonderful course going forward!

Ross Jaffe headshot
Ross Jaffe
Ambassador and Former Board Chair
Elaine Hahn headshot
Elaine Hahn
Former Board Chair

Rosalie Whitlock is a great leader and a true community gem. She challenged us to find ways to ensure that CHC services are available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, language or location. Every child deserves the chance to succeed, and she helped us all work joyfully toward that vision. Thank you, Rosalie, for all that you have done for so many students and families!

Rosalie’s leadership launched CHC from being an important player addressing mental health to becoming a major force that transformed the way we address these critical needs!

Andrew P. Valentine photo
Andrew P. Valentine
and Former Board Chair
Bren Leisure headshot
Bren Leisure
and Former Board Chair

It wasn’t easy to convince Rosalie to take the helm at CHC, but we knew when she said yes that the agency’s future was bright. Children all over the Bay Area would no longer fall between the cracks but find their promise and potential. Her experience was incomparable and her vision magical!

Rosalie led CHC with quiet confidence. She set high standards for excellence, always putting the needs of children and families first. Thank you Rosalie for your inspired leadership.

Becky Robertson headshot
Beckie Robertson
Former Board Chair
Julie Terrell Hooper headshot
Julie Terrell Hooper
Board Chair

CHC grew because Rosalie knew the community needed more of CHC. Now, CHC reaches broadly into our diverse community as a trusted and excellent source of mental health and learning services.